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Why hiring a professional DJ is better value than DIY

If you’re torn between splashing out on a professional mobile DJ or saving a few bob by hiring DIY disco equipment, the answer is simple: ‘step away from your MP3 player now’.

As a renowned provider of the finest disco and entertainment experience across London and the South East, award-winning DJ, Mark Luvdup aka Mark van den Berg, owner of Mighty Fine Events, gives four reasons why hiring a professional DJ is essential for your party’s success.

  1. The Glitter Glue that holds your event together: It may be tempting to opt for a budget-friendly amateur or DIY disco, but feedback shows these often aren’t the best value in terms of the experience they offer, however talented Uncle Terry thinks he is on the decks.
    Whether you’re holding an intimate wedding reception or your 21st birthday party, you will want your event to be memorable for all the right reasons.
    A professional DJ will instinctively know which music to play, when to speak – and importantly, when not to speak, which is generally most of the time – and provide a seamless music and entertainment experience that has your guests dancing all night long.
  2. MC, host, events coordinator: Hiring a professional DJ means you often acquire the skills of several professionals in one person. An experienced DJ will be able to take the lead, hosting your night from start to finish, making announcements at the appropriate moments and ensuring all aspects of your event run smoothly and to time.
    Like a ‘music-whisperer,’ an experienced DJ will also be able to control the pace of your event, adjusting the ambience for intimate moments or raising the tempo to fill your dance floor. Rather than worrying about which button to press, this allows you and your guests to get on with enjoying yourselves.
  3. The best party soundtrack: Your MP3 player might be full of the tracks you love but a great party soundtrack needs to be an eclectic collection of your own favourites and a range of songs that your guests will enjoy too.
    A professional DJ will often arrange to meet you in advance to discuss you and your guests’ musical tastes to create your perfect playlist. As well as having thousands of songs to choose from, if there is a particular track you want they can hunt it down.
  4. World class equipment: Lighting and sound quality play a vital role in creating a party that starts to fade at 9pm or one that pushes on until dawn. A DIY disco company may supply the right equipment, but is it suited to your venue and do you know how to use it? A professional DJ is trained to use high performance sound and lighting equipment, which they will tailor to fit with your venue for the perfect sound and ambience.

With all the planning that goes into preparing a special event, from choosing the right photographer, to finding your ideal venue, you deserve a quality once–in-a-lifetime disco to match. For the complete professional DJ hire, talk to Mighty Fine about your special occasion today.