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Hire interactive entertainment for your guests

Through the medium of music, rhythm and unusual instruments, Beats On The Day offer a series of fun and engaging activities to entertain all manner of guests!

There are several options available, the first being the devilishly addictive Boomwhackers, which are colourful plastic tubes that have their own pitched sound. Guests are invited to participate in a process of call and receive, swiftly learning a collection of rhythms that will have them playing in harmony in a short space of time. With a room full of Boomwhackers, an endless array of sounds can be created and fun and laughter is guaranteed!

If you’re looking for unique ice breakers and refreshers for conferences and conventions, Beats On The Day also offer “The Bag Lady Workout”, in which bin liners and carrier bags are cleverly used to create spellbinding rhythms. Similarly, “Toy Orchestra” calls for participants to revisit their childhood, using a selection of musical toys to create an orchestra of sounds, interacting with their colleagues like never before!

For groups of 10-30, “For the Record” is a brilliant team-building exercise, allowing participants to create and record their own CD! Each individual will have a drum or percussion instrument and learn a Brazilian Samba Reggae piece, which they will then go on to record with a sound engineer. The CD will be pre-printed with the company name and logo and have inserts that credit all the individuals who played; a great keep-sake for all involved!

For larger groups (from 15) up to 300, “The Junk Ensemble” offers an amazing musical journey with inanimate objects and junk, treading new boundaries in music making. Nothing is spared in this recycling excursion and practically any discarded object can be used to make tuneful, vibrant music!

Or why not give Samba drumming a go; one of the most dynamic drumming styles in the world, all the way from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro. Your experienced Samba Tutor will take you on a journey of passion and rhythm, climaxing in a furore of sounds and beats!

Beats On The Day also offer immersive entertainment, combining theatre and drumming in one space! Expect to be wowed with the “Crashing Waiters”, who put on a real surprise of a show for unassuming guests. A tray falls and with a crash they begin, transforming into an unexpected band using the bins and trash at their disposal, with plenty of audience participation!

Whichever option you go for, with Beats On The Day you can be guaranteed a fun-filled, interactive musical experience for your wedding, private party or corporate event.