Best wedding DJ's ever!

Thanks so much for DJing our wedding. We had so much fun - and loads of people said it was the best wedding ever - which just shows how much fun they all had; all to your soundtrack!!

I have filled out the voting form for The Wedding Industry Awards and gave you 10s for everything because I really couldn't fault you.

I said in the comments that it felt a bit like a mate (a very skilled mate ha ha!) DJing because you were always so friendly and relaxed and helpful. I would recommend you to anyone - it was such a great night. And it was great that you let people sing in the mic - that made it more special. My brother who sang 'Sweet Child of Mine' is in an amazing band but couldn't get them altogether that weekend for the wedding (plus probably the wrong music!!) But it was so great that he got a bit of a performance in.

Thanks so much - I'm glad you enjoyed it too. All the best, and maybe another wedding from the this one will pop up and we'll see you there.

Chloe & Matthew
Northamptonshire Wedding DJ
Plum Park Hotel
NN12 6LG

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