Wedding DJ at Stoke Place who really understands what a professional service sounds, looks and feels like

We had a handful of absolute highlights on our wedding day (beyond the obvious) and it is easy to say that Mark was one of those. We actually thought he might be even before we got to the big day - his enthusiasm and professionalism from the moment we got in touch was both reassuring and great fun. Mark won't tell you about this but there are quite literally only a few DJs who have worked at the level he has (just ask him about it - there's some fun stories!). The great thing about that is that Mark really understands what a professional service sounds, looks and feels like. Mark took the time to understand the event, what sort of people would be there, what sort of music we didn't want (as well as what we did) and having got a feel for it we let him create the playlist - and he nailed it. Had we wanted to be more involved in the playlist he has some great tools (such as an online selection tool) we could have used.

There were so many things Mark did beyond the call of duty (such as sending me the songs for a honeymoon playlist I built and videoing parts of the wedding so that we had footage we weren't expecting of the party) that it would be easy to write a much longer testimonial for him. The one thing I will add is that if Mark offers to do lighting for you take him up on it - both because he created some of the best wedding lighting for our two rooms that we have seen (do not be thinking travelling DJ lighting!), and because he was significantly cheaper than the basic lighting we would have got from the lighting company!
Both my wife and I have worked in the creation of corporate events so we have reasonable knowledge of pulling together good events. We can't recommend Mark enough - whatever your event is.
In short if you want someone who has been at the very top of their industry, will treat your event (whatever it is) as a special thing and not just another paid job, and will deliver an outstanding selection of music tailored to you and your guests then you quite literally should look no further.

Kelly & Nathan
Berkshire Wedding DJ
Stoke Place
Stoke Green SL2 4HT

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