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Six things a wedding DJ can give you that an iPod can’t

Facebook Friendly Aynhoe Park 4It seems It’s simple really – a wedding DJ is just someone who stands there and facilitates a playlist. A phone, iPod or MP3 player is a piece of equipment you already own that does exactly the same thing. One costs money, the other doesn’t. Just plug in your own player, whack on some disco lights and you’re sorted, right?

Perhaps not! While saving money is always the more tempting option, we have our own expert wedding DJ Mark van den Berg on hand with six things a wedding DJ has to offer that a device just can’t give you.

A wedding DJ knows how to sense the mood to get the party started

It might be tempting to stick your Uncle Terry on the decks, but a professional wedding DJ is actually the glitter glue that holds your wedding party together. For example, you may have agreed on the music in advance, but if your guests just aren’t feeling it, it takes an expert ear (or a ‘party whisperer’ if you will) to sense the tone of the evening and change things up to get the party started or slow things down for a more intimate moment. A professional wedding DJ will come with an enormous catalogue of music to ensure that there’s a plan B if the mood or energy starts to dip.

An iPod can’t talk – or host

A professional wedding DJ will know when it’s appropriate to speak – and, equally importantly, when not to speak. Many professional wedding DJs will also act as an MC, host, events coordinator and more, meaning that you acquire the skills of several professionals in one person and that all announcements are made at the right time.  The modern move is towards no talking apart from key announcements and an experienced wedding DJ will know just when the time is right to make these.

Expert guidance will keep your dance floor full all night

While your personal tastes are important, and your MP3 player is packed with the tracks you love, your wedding is also a party for your guests. A successful party soundtrack needs to be an eclectic collection of your own favourites as a couple, and a range of songs from different genres and eras that your guests will enjoy too, played in an order that will warm people up and keep them dancing all night long.

A professional wedding DJ should arrange a catch up to chat about you and your guests’ musical tastes in order to create your perfect playlist. As well as having thousands of songs to choose from in their own collection, if there is a particularly obscure song you want, they can track it down (no pun intended).

No hassle with equipment hire

No need to worry about party lights, a professional wedding DJ usually comes prepared with world-class equipment. While a DIY disco company might come with a smaller price tag, it’s important to know how to use the equipment on the night. For example, would you know how to change the lighting to fit the mood of a song? Or as the light changes outside? Or even for the special moments a photographer needs to capture? A wedding DJ will take all of these things into account and use lighting to add to the mood of the day.

Insurance and admin

A wedding DJ will have licenses to play music in public, public liability insurance, PAT tested equipment and will know how to set up the equipment in any venue so that there are no power outages or disasters on the day.


We’ve all been there – a party at a friend’s house huddled around a device, however, when the alcohol kicks in things get pretty messy as everyone is now a DJ and thinks they know best. It’s guaranteed that no song is ever played all the way through and that songs are played at an inappropriate time – you need someone to control the ebbs and flows of the night (and someone who can be impartial) thus a professional DJ is much better in the sense that he/she will bring some calm and order to the proceedings.