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Music, Lights, Action, creating your own cinematic wedding using event production techniques

Cinematic Event Production for Weddings

From being a child right up to adulthood, movies play an important role in our lives, which can be the element of escapism and drama and often spectacle. We often have our first dates at the cinema so it’s easy to see how they can help to shape our opinions on aspects such as romance and love whilst representing a time and a place in our lives. As wedding DJs we regularly see how movies are influencing first dances and some of the more famous ones that you’ll probably remember are the couple, Julia and James, who did their dance exactly the same as seen in Dirty Dancing, or indeed the one where the couple did an amazing lindy hop from the 1920s, similar to the film Hellzapoppin’. We’ve all seen a rise in the desire for vintage weddings and a longing for the classic Hollywood opulence and the glamour of yesteryear has become more and more popular. Not only are brides and grooms interested in the ‘look’ of the period they also want to embrace the music and the atmosphere, which is where Mighty Fine Events can really provide the WOW factor.

Mighty Fine love to have the opportunity to pull out all the stops and be allowed to flex our creative muscles. This could include having your name in lights, personalised projections, follow spots, lighting filters and/or uplighter hire. The latest craze is a new technique which the industry is calling ‘Dancing On The Clouds’ which couldn’t be more cinematic as the wedding couple appear to be dancing amongst the clouds as dry ice gently wraps around their feet to a beautiful first dance of their choice. Music as always with weddings is absolutely key to getting the right atmosphere and here at Mighty Fine we’ve had fun helping a multitude of couples create an awe inspiring party. Some of our weddings featured music from films such as Edward Scissorhands or Disney Films such as Enchanted and Beauty & The Beast and on one occasion the Oompa Loompa song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Television series such as Downton Abbey have also had a huge influence in glamourising the Edwardian Period and we are so excited that we will be DJing at Highclere Castle (where Downton Abbey was filmed) very soon with lots of photos to follow. One venue has taken it even further and Crewe Hall in Cheshire actually offer a Downton Abbey themed wedding package with their staff appropriately dressed in Edwardian clothing.

The bride and groom want to be the stars in their own wedding day film, the wedding party and the right DJ will create the scene. First the suspense, the lights, then the music and your guests will know that they are ready to be part of a very special occasion.