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What is the true cost of a wedding DJ?

How much does a wedding DJ cost? Hopefully this article gives a clearer insight into the cost of a wedding DJ and why wedding DJ prices vary so much. As a company that hires out DJs for weddings, one of my bug bear’s is when people say that suppliers add-on extra fees when they quote…


Rock On With A Festival Wedding!

Every year I get Glastonbury envy when I turn on the TV to see music lovers like myself bearing witness to some of the world’s most exciting music acts and performers. Then it starts to rain and I am quickly transported back to one time at Glastonbury when I literally got stuck in the mud…


Music, Lights, Action, creating your own cinematic wedding using event production techniques

Cinematic Event Production for Weddings From being a child right up to adulthood, movies play an important role in our lives, which can be the element of escapism and drama and often spectacle. We often have our first dates at the cinema so it’s easy to see how they can help to shape our opinions…


Six things a wedding DJ can give you that an iPod can’t

It seems It’s simple really – a wedding DJ is just someone who stands there and facilitates a playlist. A phone, iPod or MP3 player is a piece of equipment you already own that does exactly the same thing. One costs money, the other doesn’t. Just plug in your own player, whack on some disco…