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Easily build your playlist of requests

The playlist builder allows clients to quickly and easily build a list of requests for your DJ to play (or “Do Not Play”) at their event. We can even allow guests to add a specified number of requests by providing a simple link to the playlist builder. With lots of pre-populated lists covering all the decades from the 1950s until the present day as well as many genre specific lists including Motown, Indie Classics, Dance Classics, Christmas, etc clients will be able to craft a playlist to their exact requirements.

Song Inspiration

Creating a playlist has never been this easy – there is even a “Most Popular” list for inspiration when you’re really stuck. We also have a special weddings section covering first dances, bouquet throw and cake cutting songs amongst others for your wedding DJ to play.

Song Previews

Another very smart feature of the playlist builder is that you can listen to a sample of each song  if you can’t remember what the song sounds like (or just don’t know) before making your selection.

Make Notes

We also have an additional section allowing clients to make notes to go with each song where you can give your DJ specific instructions or make special dedications for your event.

Add Your Own

We have over 250K songs in our main library but feel that this would overwhelm most clients so have only put the most popular songs into the playlist builder. If you cannot find a song within the playlist builder then the likelihood is that we will still have it but you will need to enter it yourself, which can be easily done using the “Add Your Own” tab. We guarantee that your wedding DJ or party DJ will have all songs you enter into the playlist builder with us on the night of your event.

Take the demo tour now and see just how easy it is

Please note that as this is a demo version we have restricted the number of songs you will see.

We have also not shown our own carefully crafted lists, which include all the decades as well as lists for Dance Classics, Indie Classics, Rock Classics, Disco Classics, Funk Classics, Motown Classics, UK Garage & Bassline Classics, Reggae Classics, 80s Soul Weekender/Groove Classics, Christmas etc etc – ENJOY!!

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